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נובי גוד בפַּלֶה דֶּה תה - גלו את קולקציית החורף הקסומה שלנו



תה ירוק

Throughout China, “Mao Feng” stands for good quality tea with plenty of buds. This delicious Mao Feng, grown at an altitude of 300 metres from Fu Ding plants, is produced on a small family plantation run with a true passion and a never-ending quest to improve the quality of its tea. The plantation is located in the Zhejiang mountains, some 30 kilometres from Yiwu, and produces this green tea in accordance with excellent environmental standards, without the use of pesticides. The plants are tended to entirely by hand using traditional methods. The plantation is surrounded by five kilometres of fallow fields which helps ensure the consistent quality of Mao Feng Imperial. The result is a pure delight! This tea is a real findand perfectly capable of rivalling the most prestigious names. You’ll love it!
7500 ₪

SKU: A256-100


תה ירוק (סין)


תה ירוק (סין)