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Exquisite blend of apple, almonds and vanilla

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  • זמן השריה
    4' - 5'
  • כמות
    5g / 30cl
  • טמפרטורת החליטה
    90°C - 195°F
  • שעה אידאלית ביום

Garden of temptation
, a delectable herbal tea made of fruits, flowers and spices,
is an exquisite blend of apple, almonds and vanilla.

Be seduced by the deliciously sweet taste of the
irresistible, forbidden fruit: the apple.

It is absolutely caffeine-free and is a perfect evening

This infusion is made of fruits and plants: apple bits,
hibiscus flowers, rose hip, grapes, cinnamon, vanilla bits, almonds
natural flavors.

For this collection of infusions we have drawn on our
expertise and experience gained over nearly 30 years through the
creation of our flavored teas. The Gardens are delicious herbal
infusions with interesting, modern, enticing flavors [no added
flavors], complex combinations of fruits, flowers and herbs with
many virtues and flavors. Each infusion evokes a specific

Attention: because some fruit pieces differ in size,
infusions may vary in color or taste. This does not affect their

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To make iced infusion:

Use 10g-15g per 50cl water and infuse Andalusian garden at
room temperature for 60 minutes.

When the infusion is ready, place the liquor in the fridge to

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