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תה לבן בטעמים -מתוק

Pure Indulgence - Vanilla is an exceptional new flavoured tea featuring a single natural ingredient. This creation combines a superb Chinese white tea with the sweet, decadent flavors of vanilla from Madagascar and Réunion Island. This refined and unusual blend will delight the most discerning connaisseurs of flavoured tea! Pure Indulgences are the result of a lengthy process of selection and development, motivated by the quest to find the perfect balance between the tea leaves, which have their own gustatory characteristics, and the finest ingredients (delicate pieces of fruit and flowers and only all-natural extracts).  
4500 ₪

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תה לבן (סין) (94%), ונילה טבעית תמציות (3%), עלי כותרת של ציפורן חתול, ונילה