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תה שחור בטעמים - פרי הדר

A beautiful blend of black tea, mandarin, sweet orange and bitter orange. A very fine classic tea.

Different of the teas produced in Georgia, Russian blends are the ones that have been drunk regularly in Russia since the 17th century. These latter teas, which in the beginning were blends of black Chinese teas, became more diversified at the end of the 19th century by the introduction of Indian teas at the Russian court, most notably Darjeeling. Since then it has been the custom to refer to all blends of Darjeeling and different Chinese black teas as Russian blends teas, whether or not they are scented with natural citrus extracts.

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תה שחור (סין, הודו, רואנדה, סרי לנקה) (93%), קליפות תפוז (4%), טעם טבעי (אשכולית, תפוז, ברגמוט, לימון).