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תה ירוק בטעמים- אנרגיה

Brazilian DETOX is a delicious blend combining the detox benefits and invigorating qualities of green tea, mate, açai, and guarana with the sweet-tart flavour of passion fruit. It can be enjoyed both hot and iced. Brazil is known for its dynamic and joyful approach to life. The country is bursting with energy and vibrant colours. Brazilians consume local ingredients known to revive energy and fight tiredness. Our Brazilian DETOX captures this energising approach to detox. This combination that is a perfect energy booster or pick-me-up is made up of:
  • chinese green tea: known for its detoxifying properties, it is very rich in catechins — antioxidants that help regulate weight — and caffeine that gently flushes out toxins and excess water.
  • mate: a traditional South American drink that comes from the culture of the indigenous Guarani people. It contains high levels of natural caffeine and antioxidants for a stimulating and detoxifying effect on the body. It has been known for thousands of years to boost the metabolism and for its power as an appetite-suppressant.
  • açai: also known as “purple gold”, this small berry grows in the tops of palm trees in the Amazon. Very rich in natural antioxidants, macro-and micro-nutrients, açaí berries are high in energy and low in sugar. Its composition and powerful antioxidant properties stimulate the body.
  • guarana: this plant that is very popular in detox treatments grows in the Brazilian Amazon. Its high caffeine content boosts vitality and stimulates the body.
  • passion fruit: its sweet, fresh and tart notes make this blend so delicious.
  • barley grass and moringa: two other ingredients with excellent detoxifying properties.
This tea is made up of ingredients grown organicallyand has several organic certifications: AB label, EU certified organic food label, Ecocert organic certification, USDA Organic label. To go further: How should you drink a detox tea?
22000 ₪
100תיונים מכותנה (למשרד)

SKU: DE4600



תה ירוק* (סין) (72%), מאטה* (ברזיל) (15%), עשב שעורה*,תמציות טבעיות (כולל פסיפלורה 3.5%), מורינגה*, אסאי* (1%), גואראנה* (1%), עלי כותרת (חריע, דגניה*, ציפורני חתול*).* אורגניally grown ingredient