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קנקן מיציקת ברזל

Information on the foundry: communications material The WAZUQU foundry: tradition and innovation WAZUQU is a traditional Japanese foundry that has been operating since 1604, based in northern Japan [Yamagata] . Teapots made by the WAZUQU foundry are very comfortable to handle, being on average 25% lither than typical Japanese cast iron teapots.They have a non drip spout and are composed of 70% recycled materials, thanks to the artisan expertise perfected over more than 400 years. Sleek and elegant, the Itome teapot features delicate horizontal lines that recall the harmony of Japanese gardens. The traditional and elegant Shibo teapot, made by the WAZUQU foundry, recalls the special texture of silk kimonos. This brown-colored teapot with black handle is 25% lighter than typical teapots, and features a non drip spout. Enameled teapot with stainless- steel filter. Care instructions: Before using your teapot for the first time, follow the steps below: 1 – Fill the teapot with boiling water. 2 – Wait for a minute, and then empty out the water. 3 – While the teapot is still warm, wipe the outside with a dry cloth. 4 – Repeat this process 3 or 4 times. 5 – Leave the teapot to dry naturally, inside and out, for about 30 minutes. To preserve the quality and beauty of your teapot, follow the steps below: 1 – After using the teapot, rinse it out with hot water, avoiding the use of detergents. 2 – Dry the outside of the teapot while it is still warm. 3 – Never use an abrasive sponge to clean your teapot; instead, wipe it with a soft cloth. 4 – Always leave the inside of the pot to dry with the lid off. 5 – To avoid stains and rings, never leave water or tea in your teapot for too long. 6 – Before putting your teapot away, be sure that it is completely dry, inside and out and if possible, store the lid separately. If you follow this advice, your teapot will remain in excellent condition and will last a lifetime.
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