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ערכת היכרות להכנת מאצ'ה

The introduction kit contains the basic accessories required to prepare Matcha tea easily according to Japanese tradition: a bowl, a whisk and a spatula. The wooden spatula is used to measure the exact quantity of Matcha required. The traditional “Chasen” whisk is used to beat the powdered tea into the water and obtain a lovely smooth foam. The circular “Chawan” bowl is ideal for preparing and savouring Matcha tea. Preparing Matcha: Unlike other teas, Matcha is ground to a fine powder. This green tea is not infused but beaten. It is prepared using a whisk, bowl and spatula. Invigorating and powerful, Matcha should be drunk immediately after preparation, to benefit from its vegetal notes and subtle bitterness. 1 - Place two spatulas (or one level teaspoon) of Palais des Thés Matcha in a bowl. 2 - Pour over 7cl of water heated to 70°C. 3 - Hold the bowl in one hand and, with the other, beat the mixture sharply with a whisk in a “w” shape until it forms a smooth foam. Once the Matcha is foamy and blended, drink.      

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