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חליטת צמחים

Verbena Orange Mint is a subtle and refreshing infusion, highly appreciated for its relaxing and soothing properties. Verbena soft notes accorded to the orange and mint fresh tip create a delicate and soothing balance.Verbena orange mint infusion goes very well with your breaks for a relaxation moment. L’Herboriste, new collection of herbal infusions from Palais des Thés Palais des Thés has taken traditional herbal teas to the next level with l'Herboriste, a collection of subtle and refined blends, for the delight of gourmets. These original creations combine beneficial herbs with the delicate flavors of fruit or spices, as three ingredients selected with the utmost care. 100% caffeine-free, l’Herboriste infusions are perfect in the evening for a relaxing and softness moment.    

22000 ₪
100תיונים מכותנה (למשרד)

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