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שני סוגי תה יוצאי דופן בטעמים מקולקציית תה הלובר


The fruit of a collaboration between the Louvre Museum and Palais des Thés, the thés du Louvre are fragrant new blends which pay homage to the two faces of the Louvre: the monumental aspect of the palace with its elegant architecture and the poetic charm of the Tuileries Garden. The Thés du Louvre are now available in an elegant box gathering 2 boxes of 20 hand-stitched cotton tea bags wrapped in individual sachets. This gift set contains 1 case with 20 muslin tea bags of each recipe: Thé du Louvre - Courtyard Tea (110 g metal tin) : an original creation that celebrates an exceptional place steeped in the history of France and the universal history of art, from the fortress of Philip Augustus to Pei's pyramid. It is an enchanting black tea with notes of citrus fruits and wild blackberry, offering a rounded elegant touch. Thé du Louvre - Garden Tea (100 g metal tin) : is reminiscent of a gentle stroll through the Tuileries Garden, between colourful flowerbeds and shady copses. A gourmet green tea with notes of apple, plum and quince. This practical and portable gift set is ideal for a loved one or as a gift to yourself, to try the finest flavoured teas. Hand-sewn from natural cotton, our muslin tea bags contain no staples, plastic or metal ring. 40 x 2 g muslin tea bags.
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