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קומקום יפני מסורתי מבית היציקה WAZUQU

The Mayu teapot from the WAZUQU foundry combines contemporary design and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
Created by Japanese designer Ken Okuyama, with a respect for traditional values, the Mayu teapot has a graceful and refined shape, while its aluminium alloy handle evokes the "katana", the finest of the Samurai's Japanese sabres.
The slender non-drip spout makes pouring easy and accurate.
This teapot is a chestnut colour with a black aluminium alloy handle. Over time, the colour of the teapot may change due to a natural process.
This enamelled teapot (the interior is protected by a food-safe varnish) comes with a stainless-steel filter.

77900 ₪

SKU: M034